Step 1: Choose cost structure

Listed below are the two cost structures which are available to all users of the TPN system. The cost structures have been designed to cater for the different requirements of landlords vs estate agents. However, your choice of cost structure should be based on the following:

Monthly structure - tailored for estate agents and property managers who perform on average more than three credit checks per month in a twelve month period.

Occasional structure - tailored for landlords and small estate agents who on average perform less than three credit checks per month.

  Monthly   Occasional
Monthly cost   R 99.00 pm   None
Combined Consumer Enquiry
RentCheck (TPN, TU, EXP, Deeds) R 66.78   R 99.50
Consumer Enquiries
TPN Enquiry R 23.16   R 41.20
Experian Enquiry R 26.64   R 44.92
TransUnion Enquiry R 32.10   R 44.92
Pre-Assessment Enquiry R 15.90   R 23.85
ID Verification With Photo R 5.83   R 8.90
KYC Verification R 15.90   R 23.85
Bank Code R 91.53   R 91.53
Individual Trace R 10.58   R 10.58
Combined Business Enquiry
RentCheck (TPN, TU, Deeds) R 294.15   R 294.15
Business Enquiries
TPN Enquiry R 23.16   R 41.20
Subject Default R 117.14   R 117.14
Principle Enquiry R 75.92   R 75.92
TPN Director Default R 71.63   R 71.63
Bank Code R 91.53   R 91.53
Bank on File R 33.52   R 33.52
Scan on File R 214.22   R 214.22
Other Services
Letter of Demand R 55.00   R 55.00
Criminal Check R 165.00   R 255.00
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Adverse Listing (TPN & TransUnion) FREE   FREE
(All prices above exclude VAT)